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Veg oil,additive,lab instruments

Grain oil includes:

Plant seeds: We supply large quantity imported raw materials as sesame, soybean, rapeseeds, etc. with high oil output, quality assured and competitive price.
Oil products: We supply large quantity of various imported and domestic plant oil, such as palm oil, soybean oil, rapeseeds oil, sunflower seeds oil, sesame oil, etc.
We supply large quantity imported plant oil pulp with good quality as well, such as soybean pulp, cotton pulp, etc.


We supply various plant oil additives.  

1.   Vegetable oil De-phosphorization & De-acid catalyst

Our engineers and technicians develop this kind of the high quality vegetable oil dephosphorization, De-acid catalyst through long-term research and practice in the veg oil mill.  The catalysts refining rate is high, the saving electricity, steam, labor, less waste oil dregs, less sewage.

TL - 1 De-phosphorization catalyst
With super dephosphorization function without hydration process.
Using quantity: 1.0% of Crude oil; 
Final oil yield: > 99% 
Degums in Final oil: < 20ppm
TLS - 2 De-acid & de-phosphorization catalyst
It has strong De-acid, dephosphorization function.
Using quantity: < 10%of Crude oil,depending on the FFA ; 
Lose of crude oil : FFA * 0.5 
FFA in Final oil: < 1.0 
Packing: 25 kg/plastic bag  
Shape : powder


2. Bleaching catalyst   

Active clay 

Features and functions: This product has special absorption feature, avirulent insipidity, good activity, absorbing moisture easily, absorption abilities will be decreased if place it there foe so long or moisture absorbed, heating up to 80℃ to 100℃ to be activated.

(1) Applied to decolor and purify plant and animal oil, absorbing and ridding off harmful pigment and impurities to improve the taste of edible oil.

(2)Applied to the refining of petroleum, oil and kerosene. Carrier of paraffin wax decoloring and petroleum cracking purifing agent.


Decoloring rate (kerosene asphalt method)   > 95%
Decoloring ability (edible oil)  > 150
Activation level (0.1NNAOH) > 200
Dissociation acid < 0.2
Mositure  < 8%
Granule fineness (75um sieve net)  > 90
Density:  0.7 -1.1 g/ml


TS-3 Bleaching catalyst  for dark oil
It is suitable for the Biodiesel, gutter oil, acidification oil, rice bran oil, CPO, ETC.
Using quantity: 1.0 - 3.0 % of Crude oil ; 
Working temperature: < 110 degrees; 
Packing: 15 kg/plastic bag  
Shape : liquid,without color


3. Caustic soda used to rid off FFA

Sodium hydroxide, all called caustic soda, solid alkali, molecular formula is NaOH. Its purity is colorless transparent crystal with strong corrosive, commercial caustic soda is solid and liquid.

(Solid) Inspection parameter (Principle: GB/5175--2008):

Purity: ≥ 99%
Appearance: white or white alike solid
Sodium carbonate content(NaCO3): ≤3.0%
Arsenic content (As): ≤0.0003%
Heavy metal content (based on Pb): ≤0.001%
Insoluble substances and organic impurities (through test)--Mercury: ≤ 0.0001%
Remarks: package, shipped by tanker or storage tank; "coressive materials" should be printed clearly on the package materials.


4. Phosphoric acid

Molecular formula: H3PO4              Pure: > 85%

Molecular weight: 97.99                 Principle: GB3149-2003 (food grade)

Characteristics: Colourless transparent sticky liquid. Proportion:1.70, soluble in water and expel heat, lose water and become focal phosphoric acid and particle phosphoric acid if heated under high temperature, turns to be crystal after long time cooling, corrosive, easy absorbing, sealed firmly to be stored.

Pure phosphoric acid is colourless crystal, melting point 42.3℃, high boiling point, and can be mixed with water under whatever condition.



5. Plant oil antioxidant

Chemical name: Special butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ)

Characteristics and function: postpone the oxidation of oil effectively, improve food stability, and greatly extend the storage of oil and other rich food, it's antioxidant is significantly more than 5 times of BHA, BHT, PG, etc.

Quality standard: comply with QB2395-1998, which has the same effective as America standard PCC(III)


 Lab equipments:

                AV & POV checker

Used for quickly checking the acid value and peroxide valve in vegetable oil.

 Working principle:It adopts the Optical frequency method .

The active molecule of special testing paper produce the chemical reaction with the 

molecule in oil,which show the different color changes,the color change and AV and POV is 

correlative . The machine check and give the analysis ,then print out . 

 Technical parameters:

1、process time per sample :in 90 second        2、err::±1.0% 

3、outer size 200X120X55(mm)                           4、weight: 1 kg                   5、more sample samely.  



        Protein checker

Used for checking the protein quantity in solid oilseeds or cake.

According to the Kjeldahl Method the azotometer is designed by our company for detecting 

ammonia and nitrogen, protein nitrogen content of grain, food, food, dairy, beverage, feed, 

soil, water, medicine, sediments and chemicals.The detection method of azotometer can 

meet the national standard ,GB/T6423-94.

Technical parameters:

1  Measurement variety: grain, food, dairy, beverage, feed, soil, water, medicine, sediments 

and chemicals

2.Measurement range: nitrogen content between 0.05% and 90%(0.1-200mg nitrogen)

3.Working Voltage:alternating current 220V 50HZ

4.Precision:relative difference 1%

5.Working power:four-hole digestion furnace 1200W 


   electronic balance
 User-friendly design, novel structure, five-sided transparent ultra-white glass wind shield and superior performance. With automatic fault detection, external law code, automatic calibration, all four-point linear calibration, overload protection and other applications. Large backlit LCD display, the operator visually softer and clear. Hereinafter referred to as built-in hook.
 With the piece, the percentage of unit conversion (metric carat, gold ounces), stability, full-scale peeled and other functions, operation simple and reliable.
 Built-in RS232C interface for direct connection to computers, printers and other equipment.

Product Name: oven
 1.It uses high-quality electronic components;
 2.It's shell uses electrostatic spraying process, which is stable and reliable;
 3.Using a variety of temperature control instruments, temperature control precision is high , performance is stable ;
 4.Good sealing effect.
 5. Vertical structure which is beautiful and elegance.

Product Name: Magnetic stirrer
 1.stainless steel platform, easy to clean;
 2.temperature control with high precision, stable performance and reliable;
 3.smooth operation of the system using voltage regulator circuit, from voltage fluctuations;
  Working platform: 170 × 170mm;
 Speed ​​range :0-2000rpm;
 Mixing capacity :10-3000ml;
 Heating power: 500W;
 Temperature range: RT-200 (± 1 ℃)



Product Name: Lovibond colorimeter
 1 designed to fully comply with internationally recognized Lovibond color scale.
 (2) sub-field of view of color matching, high measurement sensitivity.
 3 simple and intuitive language Lovibond color numbers, quantitative description of color measurement.
 4 can be measured in the visible spectral range of the visual color effects of various substances.
 5 apparatus structure is simple, easy to use, easy to grasp.
 Measuring range:
 Red R0.1 ~ R79.9 Lovibond unit
 Yellow Y0.1 ~ Y79.9 Lovibond unit
 Blue B0.1 ~ B49.9 Lovibond unit
 Neutral gray N0.1 ~ N3.9 Lovibond unit
 Reading of 0.1 Lovibond unit minimum


  Other equipment such as: formwork units, buret, furnace, thermometer, weighing dish, reagent bottle and so on.


Formwork units                            Glass instruments                             Furance