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Fancy soap                                             Washing soap

Production process description
This complete set production line is from oil dissolve,refine,oil saponification, vacuum dry condense,second press to formed continuous strip soap(latest technology), which with the advantage of little occupy, little labor, steady quality etc ,and also can produce different products which fatty acid is 40%-78.5%(high,middle,lower different products).


Factory built


Part equipment                                                      Complete set of soap line


Main machines


SX-300 three-roller grinder

I. Purpose:Be used to mix with material, grind, and improve density and quality.
II.Main technical date:

Model SX300 SX400
Roll diamete(mm)  Ф260  Ф405
Roll width(mm)  690    810
Electric motor   7.5kw   18.5kw
Roll speed ratio 1:3:9 1:3:9
Size  1500X1200X1000   2400X1730X1200
Weight 2368  5200






SM-250 Soap Mixer

Usage:it is used to mix and stir the soap raw materials.
Main Technical Date:

Stirring capacity: 250kg/batch
Stirring Diameter:750-880mm
Stirring Speed: 33rpm
Stirring Structure: Single Shaft
Motor Power: 7.5kw-18.5kw
Weight: 2200kg








SC-300 Toilet soap cutter

Usage:This machine can emboss and cut all kinds of toilet soap,high grade washing-clothes soap(transparentsoap) very accurately.The soap bar, fed out from the toilet soap vacuum bar cutter,is cut to pieces by this machine for the cold printing machine to print.This machine, by adding complete set of embossing unit, can directly emboss pattern and letter and cut to produce finished soap product,such as high grade washing-clothes soap(transparent soap) and so on.

Main technical specification:
Cutting speed: it can reach 300cut/min according to length to the length to be cut
Scope to be cut: 50-1000mm
Effective thickness to be cut:5-70mm
Effective length of the cutter:110mm
Power: 3.5kw
Dimension: 1390mmX870mmX1550mm
Weight: 600kg



SP-80 Soap Printer

Main Technical Date:
Working Method:Electromagnetism Speed Regulation,Straight Line,Strip Print
Working Capacity: 80-120pcs/M
Printing Kilo:50-250g
Motor: 3kw 115-1150rpm
Weight: 1750kg





LS-800 laundry soap plodder

Purpose and feature:
This machine used to press, exhaust, grind,refine the grinded soap stock,in order to arrange molccular crystal of soap body in strip shape and at the same time these processing is convenient to is driving with closed gear and its body is made of weld assembly. The feature of machine is compact, efficient, good-looking,no-noise,steady quality.

Main technical parameter:
Productive capacity: 800-1000kg/h
Screw outer diameter:Ф300mm
Screw speed: above:12rpm, below:10-16rpm
Motor: above: 11kw, below: 18.5kw
Size(mm): 3758X1000X2275
Weight: 5550kg





SV-1000 Soap vacuum dryer

I.Main structure
Adopt vertical cycloidal gear reducer,built-in oil pump automatic lubricate, choose diffierent specific jet, can produce different fatty acid content neat soap.
II.Main technical data
Productivity Capacity: 1000-1500kg/H
Roll Diameter(mm): 1200mm
Main Shaft Speed: 13rpm
Motor Power: 3kw




BC-900 Barometric Condenser

Equipment Specs: Ф900x2500, Ф600x2000

HE-325 heat exchanger

equipment specs:Ф325X4000
heating area: 22m2
ex-factory pressure:10kg/cm2
normal operating pressure: 3-6kg/ cm2

Soap laboratory equipment

Applied to check the index of soap.