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PLC control system




     PLC controller system:It enables remote control of plant equipment, display failures and adjust the parameters.

     It is a trend to use auto-control technology in the development of modern industry,which has been proved in developed countries.Recently years,the oil industry of China had dramatically changed.The production scale had extraordinary enhance,the demand of auto-control are more and more high,in order to reduce the blindness of operation decrease consumption and strengthen the management,we should know the detailed date of processing in time,such as quality of steam consumption,power consumption,solvent consumption,crude materials consumption and the production capacity of product.At the same time,it is easy for administration to know production comprehensively,which can improve competitive power of oil plant significantly.
    In order to improve the production technology of modern oil processing enterprises ,equipment performance and value-added,so that we can align with the international oil industry standards.In the current production conditions, our company invested and introduced the technical personnel to meet market needs. The entire process is controlled by PLC computer, the process on-line control.It uses high-tech means to limit and control the various aspects of the important parameters. Improving the oil production industry electrical automation to create greater economic benefitsfor enterprises.