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The lecithin and protein

Phospholipid concentrate

Concentrate phospholipid
It is base on by product of oil refining---Hydration oil feet as raw material, dehydration by vacuum evaporation with a continuous film, then drying through decoloration and fluidization process, the content of phospholipid product above 60% used for fish and prawn feedstuff additive and edible additive.
                                                     Specification of concentrate phospholipid                             
 item  data 
Moisture and volatile <1%
Acetone Insoluble  >60%
Acids value  <30mg/koh/g



 Powder phosholipid

 Powder phosholipid raw material is concentrated phosholipid, acetone as dissolvant, through the high efficiently mixing extraction oil, centrifuge continuous separation and vacuum drying of product, it is high-grade health supplies. Vegetable protein have excellent nutritive peculiarity and functional characteristics that animal protein can't reach.
                                  Data for the power phospholipid 
Item data
Appearance Color Brown Yellow, powder
Acetone Insoluble (%)    ≥ 95
Ether Insoluble   (%)    ≤ 0.5
Moisture  (%)          ≤ 2.0
Acid Value (mgKOH/g)   ≤ 30
Heavy Metal (ppm)      ≤ 20
Arsenic (As) (ppm)      ≤ 2.0
Vegetable protein
Recently, vegetable protein are widely used for food, feedstuff field, developed various high protein foods, lose weight food and albuminous coat, etc. With low temperature dreg of rice produce protein concentrate, protein isolate have wide application prospect.
  Protein concentrate
The raw material is low temperature dreg of rice, through taking off soluble sugar and ash content and other soluble trace elements in low temperature dregs of rice to make the content of protein up to 65%-70%.
Production process mainly contain: Dilute acid washing method, Water cut alcohol washing 

method,  Hot and humid washing method.   

 Data for the protein concentrate
    Protein content: ≥65%
    Fat content: ≤1%
    Glucide content: 31%.
  Protein isolate is alkali soluble method for acid sinking, firstly, put the defatted meal into sigwater, with centrifugal separation get rid of insoluble substance, then adjust the lixivium PH to isoelectric point of protein with vitriol,Protein condensed precipitation down, through separation get precipitate of protein, through washing,neutralization,drying to get soy protein isolate. The content of protein very high(not less than 90%).
 Data for the Protein isolate 
   Protein isolate yield: ≥40%,
   protein content(dry base) : ≥90%