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Fragrant peanut oil process


    Peanut kernels,with high oil seeds, can not used for once extraction process now. Fragrant peanut oil is with unique flavor, high nutritional value, and is very popular in consumers.


   Unique flavor of fragrant peanut oil has great relationship with its unique production process. In order to keep its natural color, smell, taste, aroma, generally the hydration, neutralizing, bleaching and deodorization process are not needed for fragrant peanut oil.It is also very strict to choose raw materials,it should be fresh,fresh, full peanut kernels with high quality. Immature seeds, damaged seeds, moldy seeds, aging tablets must not be used in the production of agricultural fragrant peanut oil.

   We developed a new fragrant peanut oil process based on the conventional process,add roaster  machine to get cooked peanut kernels. Crude oil adopts cooling and filtering method instead of chemical refining.Therefore, the peanut oil keep the original flavor,the finished product fragrant peanut oil is with transparent color , low acid value, good taste, rich nutrition and so on.


   At present, our company's production technology of fragrant peanut oil has been very matured to undertake numerous sets of peanut oil factory building of manufacturers , and are well popular in human.