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Fuel ethanol


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Introduction: Ethanol gasoline is a kind of new alternative energy made by grain or all kinds of plant fiber processed into fuel ethanol and regular gasoline according to a certain proportion mixed. Which can effectively improve the quality and performance of oil, Reduce carbon monoxide hydrocarbon of major pollutants. Ethanol gasoline as a new clean fuel, the world's focus on the development of renewable energy, in the national energy alternative strategy and renewable energy development direction, mature technical safety and reliability, which has good economic benefit and social benefit.
Production of ethanol use raw materials: Corn and its core, Sorghum straw, cassava, sugarcane, sugar beet, etc.
Our company can produce, install 5000-500000 ton from smash, liquefaction, saccharify, fermentation and alcohol distillation of whole set of fuel ethanol equipment, Provide customers with advanced production technology and process.