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Cooking oil refinery

Cooking oil refinery 

    Technical Description:
 The Cooking Oil refinery is to refine the crude veg oil,get rid of the deleterious impurity, then get the high qulity edible oil.
The process includes:degumming, neutralizing,bleaching, deodorization,dewaxing and so on.   


Main equipment:
 The refinery vessel, decolorizer vessel/tower, deodorizer vessel/ tower, filter ,steam boiler or conducting oil stove , steam jet pump, centrifugal pump,  measurable pump, oil pump, water pump, water tower, electrical control cabinet,etc.
Applied To : All kinds of the crude veg oil, extracted from soybeans,cottonseeds, rapeseeds,maize embryo,rice bran, palm fruit ,etc.


Refinery Methods : mainly Chemical refinery and Physical Refinery

Physical refinery
Physical Refining is suitable for some kinds of crude
oil with the less non-hydratable phospholipids and high FFA. It has the special characteristic than chemical refineing method.

Mainly including to the following steps.
1.Deguuming & Pre-bleaching    
2. Dewaxing /Winterising /Fracnation
This is only for the several kinds of veg oil ,such as sunflower,cottonseeds,palm,rice bran,etc.
3.Distilling for neutralizing & bleaching,deodorizing


Special degumming

 It is very necessary ,which remove out the non-hydratable and hydratable phospholipids in the crude oil . The gums content in the oil should be controlled for suitable for the next distilling process .Add the small quantity of acid or dilute alkali to the crude oil ,to change the non-hydratable phospholipids into hydratable phospholipids for easily being washed out .


Dry method degumming and pre-bleaching technology 

 1. It reduces the lost of neuter oil for 50%; saving the clay for 40-50% ,which improve the yield .

 2. Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection technology .

This technology does not produce any waste water for saving more investment,so not any pollution.


The Bleaching process is a physical process, where the impurities in the oil such as phospholipids, trace metals, pigment, decomposition products etc are removed with the help of an adsorbent under the high temperature and vacuum condition, Generally the active clay is used,if mixing into 5-10% active charcoal better to absorb pigment .




Distilling & Deodorizing

The oil is stripped under the high vacuum and high temperature condition . This process not only remove out the FFA and odiferous compounds,but also the reduces the color,decomposition of oil, peroxide value,trace metals etc.

1.The high oil yield,low loss.                        2.No waste water for prodution.
3.Fatty acid distillated quantity increase.
4.More suitable oil product of high acid value and low gum impurities.


Chemical refining 
It is widely suitable for small type refining mill,specially for the soy oil refinery.
In this process, the crude veg. oil filtered is added into the acid and NaOH for neutralization and degumming to separate FFA's, phospolipids and other impurities.


Water Degumming
To remove out the hydratable water washing method,wich is named Water Washing .
Use hot water to remove out the hydratable phospholipids . Degumming oil could be used for producing the No 3-4 Grade edible oil after Dehydration and desolventization.



To neutralize the free fatty acids (FFA ) of crude oil via adding the alkali ,the process transforms the FFA into soaps,then use the hot water to wash out the soap with the centrifugal separation.  



Like the Sunflower, cottonseeds,Corn and Rice bran oil must to be dewaxed before consumption as it contains more wax. Also the wax makes the oil cloudy.the salard oil or high cooking oil must be the clearer and not exhibitcloudiness when stored in the refrigerator at low temperatures.
The Oil with high molecular wax tastes not well and affact appetite, can not be digested and absorded,so it is necessary to remove it.



Palm Oil Fractionation 
    Oil Fractionation means to separate all kinds of glyceroltriester constructed oil into solid and liquid section by their different melting point and solubility.The solid section can be used as material of shortening and margarin. Oil Fractionation is an indispensable processing method of oil modification.
Main equipment: crystallinic tank, aid-filt reagent tank, press filter, refrigerating unit, water pump, oil pump, cool water tower, etc.
(RBD,P.O)----Cooling cystal----{24 degree.33 degree,44 degree}
   Oil and fats fractionation is according to the melting point difference of different fatty acid triglyceride in oil and fats, make high melting point compoent produce crystal by cooling,filter or centrifuge to get compoents of different melting points.Fractionation is fully reversible physical modification way fully based onthermodynamics ,fractionize certain oil and fats into two or many kinds of compoents,different usage for every compoent.
   Currently dry fractionation process has been widely used in many kinds of oil and fats,and produce many kinds of oil and fats products like top level Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester,super stearin and special oil for food.
   Currently fractionation process has small usage scale,only used in palm oil,hydrogenation soybean oil,tallow,lard etc.Because palm oil capacity increase largely in Southeast Asia,market demand for palm liquid oil is higher than palm oil,palm fractionation process get fast development.
   Although fractionation process not firstly used in palm oil,but dry fractionation for palm oil is the most economical .Vacuum filter and diaphragm  plate oil filter produced by our factory are mainly used in fractionation proces of palm oil,palm liquid gettting rate ie developed largely.(iodine value of palm liquid oil increase 4-5 than palm oil)
   On the part of control cooling technology,according to materials feature and product requirement,choose crystal condition and separating temperature,PLC control cooling speed rate.Generally cool oil as predetermined cooling water temperauture curve or oil temperature difference curve of oil and cool circular water to produce suitable seed crystal and control its growing,provide good condition for filtering. 
   Adopt fractionation process developed by our company ,fractionize oil and fats into fractionation products with many kinds of usage to adapt different demand.Until now many fracitonation oil factory installed by our companyu work very well.
   Main device:crystal tank,filter aid tank,pressure filter,freezeing unit,water pump,oil pump.cooling water tower etc. 


Batch refining     


                    Small type cooking oil refinery line                          20 tons Veg Oil Refinery 


 The Batch refining is the older method for refining vegetable oils,which is suitable for the small capacity , less than 20 tons .It is the low investment, easily operate and easy maintenance.

Main data
Suitable crude oil: kinds of crude veg oil
Operator:2-4 persons