General Description

Our company develop the system expander , which put the bar cage into the expander, some oil emission from bar cage, then extruding the balance .
And It is the replacor of the steam Cooker in the modern veg oil plant now.
This extruder supplies cooking function when high temperature, especially for oil seeds rich with enzyme, this fast rising temperature extruding (20~30s) can make enzyme fast passivation, then improve the oil quality. But normal steam cooker generally need 45min for cooking, this cooking process finally reach the temperature of enzyme passivation, enzyme will be active. At the same time, the flaked seeds by exceeding cooking will produce partial overheating, reduce the pressing function and crude oil quality.
The system extruder are suitable for the high oil content seeds and plant, such as de-hulled cottonseeds, rapeseeds, canola, sunflower-seeds, peanut, corn embryo,etc.
Working priciple 
It can be used to press and extrude crushed or uncrushed, preheated or unheated, water content 10%-14% oil seeds. This press & extrusion process grinds the oilseeds into particles and make oil cell be broken, in the meanwhile, friction heating makes oilseeds particles’ temperature rise up to 120-150℃ in short time, the particles powder are pressed by high cutting force of jaw discharing device when they are discharged from extruder, and become hot, spumy, half-flow powder extrusion, samely the moisture evaporating sharply, make its water content be reduced down. The materials after this process can be fed into screw oil press for extracting oil or sending into solvent extraction without drying and cooling. 
1.high quality oil 
this fast rising temperature extruding(20~30s) can make enzyme fast passivation, then improve the oil quality. The shortly rising to high temperature, to reduce the oxidating time, so the FFA rising less, the non-hydrate phospholipids is less,so which only filter the crude oil for the food directly.
2.High quality extruding pellet/cake 
This fast rising temperature extruding(20~30s) can keep the protein not denaturating, the high content protein. 
3. Save investment 
Use this press & extruder could directly put the oilseeds into extruder without using cracker,flaker,and cooker ,etc, so it reduces down the investment and save the labor and electricity consumption .
Main type & Spec









  700~800 kg/h




Main motor 18.5/22kw

feeder 1.1kw

Main   30/37kw
feeder 1.5/2.2kw

Main 45/75 kw
feeder 2.2 kw

Main 75/90 kw
feeder 3 kw

size (mm)