JH-B dry type garlic peeling machine is one high efficiency peeling machine, garlic glove can be peeled directly without soaking. Old type garlic peeling machine all uses a great deal of labor and soaking to peel by manual, this way makes some persons who worke in peeling not endure the strong taste, wasting labor and time. Moreover, washing garlic peeling machine uses the rubber rod to mix and knock after washing, damage rate of garlic is high, water usage is large, resulting in water population and strong taste, no environment protection. During development, we build up the garlic peeling machine.


II. Main features
     Using peeling principle specially designed, garlic cloves do not need knife and strong friction during peeling, so we can make sure processing integrity, freshness and no pollution etc.
It has drying and peeling automatically work, practical, electricity saving, small volume, high production efficiency, easy maintain and clearance, low damage.
Matching automatically temperature control and feeding device, peel can automatically separate from kernel, conform to health standard, can be saved for many days because garlic kernel is not easy to damage.
    This machine is used in instant noodles, dewatering factory etc. Recently this machine has been used in large group at home and abroad like Canada, Japan, Korea, Iran, Vietnam, Poland, Israel etc.


III. Main data:
Model: JH-B1 Dry Garlic Peeling Machine
Capacity: 150kg/h
Air compressor: 7.5kw
Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
Weight: 150kg
Dimension: 640*600*1300mm

Model: JH-B2 Dry Garlic Peeling Machine
Capacity: 400kg/h
Air Compressor:15kw
Dimension: 1000*950*1540mm