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1.In 1950,Shenqiu public-private partnership Forging Machinery Factory was established.

2.In 1960, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry import of  the foreign technology of oil press to Henan shengqiu factory .
3.In 2000, the Factory from the state-owned enterprises changed into private enterprises,Shenqiu Holyphant Factory was established.
4.In 2002, Shenqiu Holyphant Machinery factory's sales income breakthroughed 50 million, accounting for40% of export.
5 In 2004, Shenqiu Holyphant Machinery factory's  move to new plant from the the central city .
6.In 2005, Zhengzhou   Holyphant Machinery        Co.,Ltd was established in Zhengzhou.
7.In 2006, 50 tons of biodiesel project was installed successfully in Hubei,China.The biodiesel technology is mature .
8.In 2008, Palm oil refining fractionation techniques obtained great progress.
9. In 2010, Our company installed 500 sets of complete oil project.
10. In 2011, the holyphant company finished sale for 6 sets veg oil making line .
Future development
     Our company as one Chinese professional manufacturer of vegetable oil machinery suppliers and comprehensive problem-solving providers, from the date of the establishment, alwayls work hard in the human edible oil field for the better healthy sustainable and stable development.